This June, MARVEL finally brings in the inter-dimensional crossover fans have been waiting for. Regular “616 Universe” Spider-Man, Peter Parker meets “Ultimate Universe” Spider-Man Miles Morales. The team behind Ultimate Comics Spider-Man composed of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli will be the ones to do this major Spidey event!

It just so happens it’s Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary this year!

Personally, I’m all for this book. It’s going to be interesting! I’ve been a Spider-Man fan all my life and I think what Bendis is doing in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is just amazing. I feel confident that this book will be fit for Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary.

Here’s something from Bendis…

“Someone had once said to me, ‘When I was a kid, I could only play Spider-Man, I couldn’t play Batman or Superman because my friends would say you’re not the same color, but I could play Spider-Man because when I fantasized about Spider-Man, he looked like me under the mask,'” Bendis continued. “That was a big inspiration.”


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