Daredevil by Mark Waid



Thank God for Mark Waid! Bendis and Brubaker’s stories were fantastic until Andy Diggle had that whole Shadowland tragedy. Diggle’s a good writer, don’t get me wrong but Mark Waid together with Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin brought back Daredevil to greatness once again. 

Matt Murdock is back again dealing with the baddies of Hell’s Kitchen and taking them to justice. I particularly love the art for this. Rivera and Martin’s art are very apt for the tone of the comic book. It’s fun to look at! The interpretation of DD’s radar vision is the best part. Amazing stuff! Too bad Marcos Martin’s leaving the book! But hopefully Paolo Rivera will stay…

The supporting cast is actually pretty cool too. Foggy’s still there and a new DA is in town that may be Matt’s new love interest. Then you have the occasional tie-up with Spider-Man which is cool too. But what I do really like is Mark Waid seeding a grand story with a stolen Fantastic Four data drive made from Reed’s unstable molecules! Can’t wait for that!

Pick this book up!


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