I’m back! Sorry for that guys…

I have responsibilities with my Yahoo Blog 🙂 Gotta give them my comic stuff. But for now, I just want to share that I’ve recently gained a lot of interest in a particular toy brand. It’s been alive for ages now and I have to say that I’m back at it!

I consider it to be the type of toy that helped me with my imagination and creativity.

Ladies and Gents, LEGO!

For Christmas, my girlfriend gave me Slave I from the LEGO STAR WARS sets. Boba FRIKKIN Fett!!! Loved it!!! It was actually such a wonderful surprise. I never expected it! She bought it even before I liked Lego again.


The STAR WARS stuff came in during the release of Episode 1. That was in 1999. So much stuff has been released and I can’t wait for the new sets in 2011.

Other than the STAR WARS stuff, I got some Minifigures from the Kris Kringle activities this month. Once I got 1, I had to get some more.

Here’s the Minifig of the day!


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