Making Mine Marvel

I will tell you why I am a Marvel Zombie. I am not here to bash the Distinguished Competition.  I am here to tell you why I MAKE MINE MARVEL.

1. Characters are more realistic.

Marvel Comics gives you more of the human perspective of the characters. You get to see how they deal with their problems. You tend to connect with them since you feel what they’re feeling more or less.

Peter Parker can’t get a date, Wolverine’s jealousy of Cyclops getting Jean Grey, Bruce Banner trying to remain calm, Captain America being different, Tony Stark having everything and nothing at the same time, Sue Richards not feeling the love from Reed, etc…

2. They live in the real world.

Marvel’s Universe is basically put in New York City and not some generic sounding city name. You get to see buildings that really exist!

3. Passionate writing and awesome art!

Bendis. Brubaker. Fraction. Millar. Aaron. Hickman. Diggle. What more can you ask for? The Marvel writers are just too frikkin cool!

Yu. McNiven. Coipel. Deodato. Caselli. Lafuente. Lark. Immonen. I can go on and on with the artists!

4. Spider-Man.

Greatest. Hero. Ever.


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