New acquisitions – February

One of the things that really gets on my nerve is when things you like are sold out. You keep on checking other stores and when you ask when the next shipment will be, it’s always “we don’t know”.

So thankfully, I tried my luck earlier today in Fully Booked High Street to check if The Lightning Thief was available. They had 2 copies left. One was the movie cover and one was the original cover. I went with the original of course! (I always like the classics!)

I’m amazed with all these authors. It’s  just one BIG idea!!! The imagination of JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Stan Lee, etc… Wow! They all made it big!

Upon seeing the latest trailer of Percy Jackson, I was definitely intrigued. The teaser trailer wasn’t that good. But after the full version,  I wanted to read the books! They were sold out most of the time though.

Maybe I’m in luck now 🙂


Next on my acquisition list is Dave Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp. CBR said that it was the best comic book of 2009. I have to give it to my brother. He got it before this book hit it big.

I’m just happy I have my own copy now 🙂

I love independent work. I love creator owned work. Mainstream will still be the cool versions but the indies have something different to offer. I like how these creators do it for the love of creating 🙂 All the ideas brought to life with dedication and love.

I love being a geek 😀


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