To all Filipino fanboys and fangirls, it can’t get any bigger than this!!! Renaissance is a fundraising event for the Ondoy/Pepeng victims organized by the Filipino artists. You have the best of the best of Filipino Talent. You have Philip Tan, Gerry Alanguilan, Whilce Portacio, Ed Tadeo, Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, Kajo Baldisimo, The Luna Brothers, etc… THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!! You have all these artists drawing a piece of the famous Fililpino Superheroes during the typhoon. I saw Alexandra Trese by Kajo, Timawa by Gerry A., and a Darna piece done by The Lunas! They were all awesome!!!

A book of all the artwork will come out and an auction of the different works of art will be done during the event.

The artists of our heroes are doing their part being heroes.

Please do support this event.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!!!



For over six decades, Filipino Artists have been making jaws drop around the world, by creating and enhancing popular art thruout the world with a diverse yet distinct Pinoy visual style.

Many of our local talents have influenced the way local Komiks and international Comicbooks are drawn for over sixty years, and are now being given credit for breathing life into many unforgettable characters not only in comics, but in animation and gaming and films. In fact many have become Pop Icons for their role in the creation of many of today’s popular media. Name a popular movie, animation, comicbook, or game and you will most likely find Pinoys proudly lending their artistic talents to these efforts.

To be able to see many of these Influential Great Pinoy Artists of yesterday, today, and tomorrow – come together in one room for a historical charitable event – would have maybe remained a dream. But sometimes, and usually when we least expect it…


Get ready – the Renaissance is upon us!


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