Disappointed Geek

I have been disappointed as a Geek these days mainly for 2 reasons.

1. Spider-Man 4 got cancelled.

Why? Sony has control of the film and NOT Marvel Studios. Thus, the “braintrust” of Marvel composed of Joe Quesada, BENDIS, and others can’t really chip in. The reason was that they couldn’t decide on a Villain. And I thought John Malkovich was gonna be the Vulture alreadty! Damn. I personally feel that it was The Lizard’s time…

Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst won’t be part of it anymore. Damn. Plus it’s back to high school. I felt I grew up together with the “Movie Spidey”. I was a senior in High School when he was a senior. So yeah, seeing him back in High School makes me feel old.

And finally, I think it’s too damn soon for a reboot.

2. Conan O Brien not getting what he deserves.

I think Leno’s being an ass. NBC’s being a bigger ass. Conan’s time is now and NBC want’s to move back “The Tonight Show”??? WHAAAT??? I think it’s too damn ridiculous. Leno’s been on for so many years plus he’s really not that funny. I was never a fan of Headlines nor Jaywalking. I personally feel that Conan has a better writing and creative staff. I mean bring back The Masturbating Bear, The Interrupter, The FedEx Pope, Joel, and I want more of FRANKENSTEIN WASTES ANOTHER MINUTE OF OUR TIME! GEEZ! NBC is making a HUGE HUGE mistake. Conan’s leaving thanks to NBC…

Me? I’ll be with TEAM CONAN ALL THE WAY!!!


1 Response to “Disappointed Geek”

  1. January 13, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Regret that Spider-Man 4 canceled 😦

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